Introducing Myself

Introducing Myself
« on: Monday 22 October 2018: 15:03 »
Hi All

Started my paragliding journey just over a year ago when roped into a 5-day EP course with a mate for his 50th. I followed the EP with a week's CP course in May 2018, both with FlySpain at their sites in Cadiz, Southern Spain.

I am still working on my ground handling, with excellent instruction from Steve Hudson at the Derbyshire Flying Centre as this is the one area I still need to pass to have my CP signed off.

I am looking my first kit, my weight without kit is 85kg, so if anyone knows of a second hand beginner's wing for sale in the range around 90-100kg, I would interested to know more.

Look forward to joining DSC and getting fully involved.

Cheers, Martin


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Re: Introducing Myself
« Reply #1 on: Tuesday 23 October 2018: 10:10 »
Hi Martin,

You want to look at something in the range 90-110. My wing is 90-112, I am around 80kg all up in winter can weigh 105. Keep an eye on SkyAds for an A or Low B, Muse 3 800 euro, Bolero 5 £999, etc See what Sick&Wrong and FlyBubble have. Steve, Guy, Mark and Lee may have wings that have been traded in. Good luck.

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Re: Introducing Myself
« Reply #2 on: Thursday 01 November 2018: 08:08 »
Thanks Chris

Great tips. Fingers crossed on one potentially becoming available within the club.

Cheers, Martin


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Re: Introducing Myself
« Reply #3 on: Friday 11 January 2019: 08:08 »
Welcome to the DSC Martin. The DSC is a Great Club with Great members.
Glider? If you weigh 85 Kg you will need a wing that is 80-105 or 85-110. Depending on other equipment weight.
Unless you intend to purchase a light harness and reserve.(they will probably have to be new)

If you intend to use your equipment under my supervision there is a charge for checking the equipment out.