Nova Triton 2 Light (M)

Nova Triton 2 Light (M)
« on: Monday 17 September 2018: 16:04 »
FOR SALE: Nova Triton2 Light M, 9-2015, 90-110 kg, Price: £850
EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 155 hours, Colors: Red - Green, Location: East Cheshire

Reason: Change glider.

Other item info: Only 3.85Kgs, great for H&F as well as great performance.

Nova trim service 06 - 02 - 18. All Good or Very Good condition. New riser set fitted. Full report available. Special Nova colours. Additional Nova Speedbrake riser included. Comes with Nova outer and inner bags, riser bag + usual spares, full Nova Trim report dated 06-02-18 (next Nova trim not required until February 2020). Any inspections (test flights) welcome. PM for pictures and copy of report.