My Coupe Icare

My Coupe Icare
« on: Thursday 12 October 2017: 12:12 »
Desided to fly with the Balloons sat 23rd sept  08.30 am
under time and crowd pressure ,1st forward launch aborted
2nd ok ,but noticed a line snag RH side
countered with left break to fly straight
hoping to un snag over the valley with more height
inadvertently flying too slow created a stall
started to spin, twice I think,
landed in small trees ,after aprox 200 ft
Very luckily upright ,on the ground and uninjured !
only bruises on knee, elbow, shoulder,
very kindly helped by 3 local climbers ,back on to a path.
all a bit much befour breakfast!
witnessed by RC1 from takeoff who tells me the snag was deeper than I thought
from my view below ,