Incident on Rushup - 25/5/17


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Incident on Rushup - 25/5/17
« on: Friday 26 May 2017: 08:08 »
Unfortunately yesterday Dave Bell was involved in an accident yesterday. I was on the lower take off with a number of pilots waiting to launch. My radio was on 143.950 I am not sure if any warnings were issued that an air ambulance had been dispatched and was inbound, but as far as I am aware nobody on the lower launch was aware of what had happened.

I saw a helicopter approach from the direction of Rowter Farm and land at the bottom of Rushup. Despite it's colour I stupidly didn't realise it was an air ambulence. Once it had shut down I started to scratch up towards the trees at which point Mark Bosher shouted a warning and I immediately landed where upon two other pilots informed me what had happened. I apologise to all the members of the club for what was a very poor decision but genuine mistake on my part.

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