Introduction - Wayne Glossop

Introduction - Wayne Glossop
« on: Saturday 24 September 2016: 10:10 »
Thought it was about time to introduce myself, having just passed my cp hill conversion.

Last Thursday was the red letter day at Bradwell, where I was signed off by one legend, Judy Leden, and I met another: Ash Ghinn.

It's gonna be a bit daunting making my own decisions from now on, but looking forward to it all, and making some new friends in the process.

Re: Introduction - Wayne Glossop
« Reply #1 on: Monday 26 September 2016: 10:10 »
Welcome aboard Wayne,
 Give a coach a shout or anyone for that matter if you need a tip or two, it might be a idea to let folk know what wing/kit you have so they can say hi, Sure Ash has already pointed you in the right direction though.


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Re: Introduction - Wayne Glossop
« Reply #2 on: Monday 26 September 2016: 19:07 »
Well done Wayne and welcome to a great club. I passed CP in April and with the support of the coaches and many of the members I recently passed my Pilot rating. There is a lot of help out there introduce yourself and ask for advice. Look forward to seeing you on the hill.
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Re: Introduction - Wayne Glossop
« Reply #3 on: Thursday 29 September 2016: 17:05 »
Thanks guys.
I fly a maroon/red/white Mojo 4.

Is there a way to notify other pilots where they are heading, or what conditions are like on the hill?
We have used Whatsapp to talk to the hill conversion course students, which works well.
I wouldn't like to get to a hill and there's no one there.
Or do others think if they do that it will make it too busy?


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Re: Introduction - Wayne Glossop
« Reply #4 on: Sunday 02 October 2016: 22:10 »
Wayne, feel free to call me or any of the club coaches the evening before a flyable day. Coaches vary in their level of commitment but most would be happy to talk to you about the day, the likely conditions and the best site to go to. If it seems flyable and you turn up at a DSC site and there's nobody there, be very suspicious: You're probably on the wrong hill, or your "flyability" judgement needs a bit of honing! 

Helping new pilots get connected and supported is never a perfect science, and the DSC has no official system for communicating with newbies en masse. Reports from the hill sound ideal but in practice it's better to pick a good day and commit to it early. Most help tends to get spread by word of mouth. I'd recommend you do exactly what you are doing, (introducing yourself and talking to people) and don't be afraid of bending the ear of local coaches to get advice about sites and conditions. I'd also suggest you get out whenever possible - even if you don't end up flying - as there's loads to learn - even just sitting on a hill watching experienced pilots flying or chatting to local members about the sites.

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