GASCo Safety Evening - Airways - Darley Moor - 1900 (7PM) - 21st October 2015

Nothing to do with boilers!  GASCo is an important contributor to aviation safety and this evening should be well worth attending.

Here is the stuff from Airways:

We are very lucky to be having a visit this month from GASCO. The General Aviation Safety Council (GASCo) delivers Safety Evenings on behalf of the CAA.  The evening is designed to provide an opportunity to reflect on General Aviation safety as it affects you, the people you fly with together with your clubs and associations and will be given by GASCo Regional Safety Officers (RSO).  We hope that by the end of the evening you will have identified some ideas that you can build on to make your flying even safer and that you will feel able to share your thoughts with other members of the audience.

GASCO RSOs are all volunteers and active GA pilots in their own right. They are certainly not here to preach to you and their aim is to facilitate a useful, thought-provoking and enjoyable exchange of views on how to improve flight safety.  They will share some of the latest information together with their thoughts and ideas with you during the evening.

Headlining topics of discussion are Loss of Control, Mid-Air Collisions & Human Performance Limitations.

Importantly this evening is OPEN TO ALL PILOTS OF ALL DISCIPLINES AND EXPERIENCE. We all share the same sky after all. Based at such a multi-discipline site as Darley Moor which is surrounded by some of the best gliding sites in the country and countless private airfields this evening is likely to provide a unique opportunity for pilots of different craft to voice their opinions and concerns and also to view their own world from a different perspective. It will also be an invaluable opportunity to meet pilots from other clubs throughout the region and perhaps make some new friends.

The GASCO team aim to pack a lot in so please arrive early for a prompt 1930 start. Accompanying the presentation is a set of cards and other handouts for every participant to take away with them. These will be referred to throughout the evening. The Safety Evening will coincide with our very popular curry night and refreshments will be available from the The Aviator cafe and bar.

So, come along!

Finally, if you know of anyone else that might be interested in this event please pass on the details. Any further questions please call the Airways Airsports office on (01335) 344308.

We shall look forward to seeing you there.

The Darley Moor Airsports Club Team