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Commercial Listings / Ozone Geo3 ML for sale -SOLD
« Last post by Pmack on Sunday 17 February 2019: 18:06 »
Ozone geo3 ML 85-105KG only has 60Hrs airtime and 1 owner from new. (Genuine hrs and all logged). Good condition, no damage, looked after and regularly serviced. Al paperwork is available. Colour white/maroon/red. A safe, good performing wing and a pleasure to fly. £750.
Introductions / Re: New Club Pilot looking for experience!
« Last post by ChrisD on Sunday 17 February 2019: 12:12 »
Hi Matt,

Well done on gaining your CP. You might struggle a little with temp memberships which last 10 days and coaching unless there is a prolonged weather window. Hopefully see you on the hill sometime.

Chris Dervin

Introductions / New Club Pilot looking for experience!
« Last post by mforrester14 on Saturday 16 February 2019: 18:06 »
Evening!  I have just completed my CP Paragliding at Crickhowell, Wales and I am looking to gain some flying experience in the Peaks! I have my own kit, so I am just looking for some coaching and people to fly with to gain my 10hr+ to progress!  Looking forward to getting stuck in to this fantastic sport and getting to know people in the club!  I haven’t joined the club yet as I get moved around the country every so often so I am hoping to get a couple of Temporary Memberships before I find out a permanent base.


Commercial Listings / Mentor 6 and Mac X Dream harness.
« Last post by Hudson on Friday 01 February 2019: 14:02 »
The all new Macpara X Dream open harness.
Nova Mentor 6 great glider, if the Euro exchange rate changes.
Commercial Listings / For sale U Turn Lightning
« Last post by Moses on Tuesday 29 January 2019: 13:01 »
U Turn Lightning (lightweight blacklight) 60 to 90 kg excellent condition, £800 including U Turn concertina bag
Public Chat / Mam Tor NW
« Last post by Hudson on Thursday 24 January 2019: 18:06 »
Snow place like Mam Tor. 23/01/19.
vimeo =
Safety / Re: My Analysis of my Bradwell Crash 08:48 September 13th 2018
« Last post by ChrisD on Wednesday 16 January 2019: 12:12 »
Hi Ross, No actually I didn't lose any height and it was level flight into the wall. That track was from my Skydrop another track from my kobo shows level flight see here When you look at it bear in mind, it is using altitude from baro reading and QNH is out by about 20', i.e. at take off it shows be about 20' higher and at the point of impact clearing the wall by 20'. The critical point was when I was trying to turn left while level with the hill but still out front, the ground track shows a kick to the right which pointed me towards the wall, there was no wing deflation and the vertical rotor I hit at that point continued to put me into the wall despite all attempts to turn left.

I cringed when I watched Waynes youtube flight a few weeks later. He took off in fairly strong conditions with the wind off further to the South. His first turn mirrored mine although he was probably 20' higher due to the increased wind strength. His second turn was almost the exact spot I tried to turn. My advice would be to avoid turning at that spot in similar conditions as the chance of vertical rotor is significant, worth talking through with new pilots.

Introductions / Re: New pilot in Derbyshire area
« Last post by Ross Mason on Monday 14 January 2019: 17:05 »
Congrats on passing Jacob. Hopefully see you out on the hill. :)
Safety / Re: My Analysis of my Bradwell Crash 08:48 September 13th 2018
« Last post by Ross Mason on Monday 14 January 2019: 15:03 »
Hi Chris,

Nice one for sharing!

I found the final part of your video interesting as you seem to loose quite a bit of height all of a sudden.

Interested to hear if in hindsight you think there is there anything you could have done to avoid the collision and if you have decided to change anything as a result of your incident?
Introductions / Re: New pilot in Derbyshire area
« Last post by ChrisD on Sunday 13 January 2019: 08:08 »
Well done glad it got sorted
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