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Introductions / I'm back!!!
« Last post by Buzz on Saturday 20 April 2019: 11:11 »
Greetings ans salutations!

After being absent from the area since 2005, Bradwell is now home for the foreseeable future.
I last flew here in 2005, mainly with Misty Miller and Triggy...

I'm only CP Rated in the UK, but have flown extensively in South Africa and a bit in New Zealand. I aim to improve my rating and get lots of flying in this season. Although i've flown lots, I'm a little rusty...

I hope to meet you on a hill in the Peaks sometime soon!

Public Chat / Re: Wind machine
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 20 April 2019: 08:08 »
Dear Gordon.
Weather station will be on the agenda for the next Committee meeting at Camp Hill.
As the DSC is supplying the weather station for our members and the DLGC members may be they would like to host a webcam showing more of the ridge than this one?
Commercial Listings / NOVA MENTOR 4, MEDIUM 90 - 110 KG (£900)
« Last post by Chris Ashman on Friday 19 April 2019: 20:08 »
I bought this glider new in April 2015 and flew 135 hours on it up until August 2017.  Since then, it has had less than 5 hours flying.  The reason why I am selling it is because I moved up to a C-wing in August 2017 and my son, who has flown it less than half a dozen times since then, has decided to take a break from the sport.

The glider is in excellent condition, has been stored indoors, and has been regularly opened and repacked when not in use.  It had a Nova Trim Tuning carried out by The Loft in October 2015
Public Chat / Re: Top 10 videos?
« Last post by ChrisD on Wednesday 10 April 2019: 08:08 »
Nice video. Impressive how they manage to fly together. Best days flying I have had in the Alps were guided in a group by Chris White helps to make transitions you probably won't think of making on your own with less knowledge. You can tell the guys in the video are true Germans landing out on a high bivy, drinking the beer they have carried then go for a long hike to find water :-)
Introductions / Re: New CP Member
« Last post by ChrisD on Tuesday 09 April 2019: 18:06 »
Welcome to the club Sam hope to meet you on the hill.
Public Chat / Re: Wind machine
« Last post by Gordon Rigg on Tuesday 09 April 2019: 13:01 »
when/where would that meeting be Steve?
Public Chat / Top 10 videos?
« Last post by Hudson on Tuesday 09 April 2019: 09:09 »
DSC pilots top videos? Can you all put up a link to your best loved video and a reason for your choice?

This is a great adventure and you can feel the pilots spirit and joy. There is even a sadness in their achievement, The adventure is done. Mt Elbrus=wow.
Public Chat / Re: Wind machine
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 06 April 2019: 08:08 »
Yes the DSC is paying for the weather machine. The DLGC is hosting it.
As far as i know the wind machine is not giving the correct wind direction readings. The members tasked with the job are trying to sort out the issues. (Also there is some politics with the DLGC)
yes I am sure they have access but I am told the information it gives is not correct.
The Members tasked were asked to give an update at the next committee meeting. May be you would like to attend?
Commercial Listings / Nova Mentor 4 (M) 90-110kg £1000
« Last post by wodybode on Wednesday 03 April 2019: 20:08 »
Nova Mentor 4 (M) 90-110kg For Sale £1000
The colour is called Gold but this is the yellow one with an orange leading edge.
Absolutely no damage whatsoever and in excellent condition.
Also included is a brand new never opened Nova rucksack.
I have owned a Mentor 2 and this Mentor 4 (from new) and really loved both wings, the only reason for the sale is I am a little light on it and I am flying another wing and can't justify keeping two.
The Mentor 4 is a high B wing ideal for a competent Club Pilot.

Manufacturers spec is here:
Public Chat / Accident Mam Tor 25 03 2019
« Last post by Robert Z on Tuesday 02 April 2019: 18:06 »
On Monday, 25 03 2019, I fell from a height of 20 meters at the top of "Mam Tor". I would like to thank everyone for helping me. Thank you Ben for caring and transporting my equipment and car. The people I met and their help for me,  the people like Ben, Darek, Ash, Piotr. There were other people who I do not remember and I also thank them. A helicopter and ambulance Staff whose professionalism helped me recover quickly.
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