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Commercial Listings / Re: Nova Triton 2 Light (M)
« Last post by Futurepilot on Friday 19 July 2019: 18:06 »
Safety / Airspace V DSC
« Last post by Hudson on Thursday 18 July 2019: 09:09 »
As you know the Peak district is surrounded by airspace.
As a club we know little about how/when and the frequency of the usage of the surrounding airspace. 
We know that more aircraft flights are made outside airspace then inside with very few incidents.
We have no cross communication with Manchester/East midlands/Leeds or Doncaster.

So, what i would like to do is set up a small group of pilots who are interested in airspace. With the intention of forging links with the surrounding airspace users. Finding out the reality of airspace use in our area.
Hoping to give the DSC more options for XC by negotiation.
For instance? East midlands

Will air transport grow as NATS have predicted
Do jets pollute? if they do then will the commercial industry grow as NATS have said?
who are NATS?
CAp 1616
Public Chat / Re: Dust of the universe = Nova Mentor 6 Macpara Eden 7
« Last post by Hudson on Wednesday 17 July 2019: 15:03 »
Eden 7 video.
Introductions / Re: New member
« Last post by ChrisD on Tuesday 16 July 2019: 20:08 »
Hi Jono,

Welcome to the club,

Introductions / New member
« Last post by JG101 on Monday 15 July 2019: 14:02 »

I'm Jono, I got my CP a few years back and only flown occasionaly since. Now taking the full plunge, and looking to log a few hours over the summer!

Public Chat / Re: New range of down jackets
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 13 July 2019: 08:08 »
Are fiber Jackets better for Paragliding as they are simpler to wash? Not saying we a smelly bunch.
Are Fiber Jackets better for Paragliding because they are cheap? £15 from primarni.
Are Fiber Jackets better for Paragliding because you can waterproof them?
Are Buffalo Jackets best of all? (made in Sheffield)
Public Chat / Re: New Press-studs for Plusmax Helmet webbing?
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 13 July 2019: 08:08 »
That is good to know. I am a dealer for all the UK airsports stuff but not had the issue with a Plusmax so far. Steve
Public Chat / New range of down jackets
« Last post by lukecu on Thursday 11 July 2019: 18:06 »
New range of down jackets soon to hit the stores
Public Chat / Re: New Press-studs for Plusmax Helmet webbing?
« Last post by Buzz on Wednesday 10 July 2019: 21:09 »
Hi Steve,
Others may find this useful too...
The parts or the press-studs on the ear-piece were intact - nothing wrong with them, but the ones on the webbing had pulled through.
I emailed Plusmax and the response was to get hold of UK Airsports.

I emailed UK Airsports and Richard was kind enough to send me some press-studs and the dye used to attach them to the webbing as long as I promised to post it back to him.

I paid for the shipping, the items arrived the next day, it took me half an hour to attach the new studs (most of which was taken up by working out how the dye worked!) and I then wandered down the road to the post office. The dye was back with Richard the following day...

Helmet looks like new again...

Cheers! Buzz
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