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Public Chat / Re: Oludeniz 2017
« Last post by mark6455 on Sunday 25 November 2018: 17:05 »
Great video's Steve thanks
Public Chat / Power, Ionic wind
« Last post by Hudson on Saturday 24 November 2018: 09:09 »
Powered? Plain with no moving parts
This would be great on a Atos?
Public Chat / Re: Oludeniz 2017
« Last post by peternewbold on Saturday 17 November 2018: 20:08 »
Nice One Steve
Public Chat / Re: Oludeniz 2017
« Last post by Hudson on Friday 16 November 2018: 08:08 »
I have made a site guide for Babadag 2019.
In the passed you were stuck at the launch you got dropped at. Now you can have a coffee in the new cafe and get the chair lift to your launch choice. To make the choice you need to know?
Public Chat / Re: Winter Clothing
« Last post by Martin Derby on Saturday 10 November 2018: 13:01 »
Ash and Chris

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Great advice.

Cheers, Martin
Public Chat / Re: Oludeniz 2017
« Last post by Hudson on Friday 09 November 2018: 16:04 »
Oludeniz 2018.
The Cable car to Mt Babadag is not finished. It will be working for the October 2019 Air games.
My video from 2018. Can Paragliders fly in the rain?
Public Chat / Re: Winter Clothing
« Last post by Ash on Friday 09 November 2018: 11:11 »
Martin if you already have a ski jacket and trousers they'll be great. We all know roughly what to wear on a winter dog walk, but as you've discovered, it's easy to get it wrong when you first get into flying: You get surprisingly cold standing around on a windy hill, and it's even colder in the air!

The main advice that relates to flying is that on really cold days you really need to tog up, like Chris has advised. As flyers we are dangling in an airflow with little opportunity to generate any warmth with exercise. So we're often baking hot from the walk up to launch and then frozen in the air.

Of course it's inconvenient to change your clothes on launch (and obviously impossible once flying) so most of us have clothing that is quite adjustable, such as jumpers with full length zips (which can be unzipped during a sweaty walk-up) and jackets with under arm vents (which can be adjusted in the air). Ski trousers often have adjustable vents too.

Our hands are particularly exposed so we have various ways of trying to keep them warm. The simple rule is that mitts (although less dexterous) are invariably warmer than similarly insulated gloves. Some use electrically heated gloves and swear by them. Many of us use disposable chemical hand warmers in our gloves / mitts. Many use thin balaclavas to keep our heads and faces warm on really cold days.

Hope this helps!


Public Chat / Re: Winter Clothing
« Last post by ChrisD on Thursday 01 November 2018: 11:11 »
Extra large flight suit so it fits over down jacket. I also wear a base layer and polar jacket. Motorcycle type thin balaclava under helmet. Heat holder high tog rated socks Ski gloves with hand warmers, put hand warmers inside glove in your palms
Public Chat / Winter Clothing
« Last post by Martin Derby on Thursday 01 November 2018: 08:08 »

Any recommendations on clothing for the low temperatures and cruel winds?

Was shivering on Treak Cliff during the week and Steve Hudson lent me a flying suit, which was an absolute blessing. Thinking of buying one.

Thinking of using my ski gear for next time, but interested to know what works for others and any experience on good suits, jackets, etc.

Thoughts appreciated.

Cheers, Martin
Introductions / Re: Introducing Myself
« Last post by Martin Derby on Thursday 01 November 2018: 08:08 »
Thanks Chris

Great tips. Fingers crossed on one potentially becoming available within the club.

Cheers, Martin
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