Club Competitions

Annual  Awards

Rich Carter at our annual “bash” having picked up a veritable hoard of trophies.

Each year the DSC is pleased to present awards to its members in the following categories:

  • Best Newcomer
  • Most Improved
  • Furthest Flight from a DSC site
  • Derbyshire XC League Winner
  • Most Flights Above 10km
  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Winter league winner

We are a big club and it is difficult if not impossible for the committee to keep up with every members progress and self achievement, If you think someone deserves some recognition for what they have achieved within the year or you think that you deserve it yourself then please don’t be shy and get in touch and make them or yourself  known to a committee member by the end of November.

See the bottom of this page a list of previous winner.

Morris Minor XC Challenge   2017/18

s4 april 16 919

In memory of Ben Morris, a friendly Peak District competition to encourage newer pilots to navigate and fly XC was created, we hope it will unite the two clubs in the Peak District and commemorate Ben Morris.

The Morris Minor XC Challenge is now open for 2016 running until 28th feb 2017.

To get in on the action download your track that passes within 1km of two DSC PSA designated takeoffs and email it to and start scoring points!

The rules are as follows:

  • Eligibility all classes of hang glider or paraglider, solo and tandem.  BHPA “P” rating (or “CP” under coaching)  and current member of club managing the take-off site.
  • Flights must be between any two recognised (must be in the relevant site guide) DSC or PSA sites.
  • Eligible flights must pass through 1km radius turnpoint cylinders centred on two recognised DSC of PSA launch points and are scored by the distance between those two points. Pilots do not necessarily have to take off from TP1, nor land at TP2, but must pass through both TP cylinders to score the distance between them.
  • Eligible flights must not infringe airspace.
  • Tandem flights score double.
  • Weekend flights score double.
  • Only one entry permitted per day.
  • Flight evidence by tracklog.
  • Pilots must submit their own flight and make their own claim within 6 weeks of flight
  • Any disputes will be ruled by DSC competitions officer.


Each pilot’s scores are added up and the contestant with the most points (up to a maximum of 20 flights) at the close of the season is the winner.

Morris Minor XC challenge Prizes.

Yet to be confirmed

Send in your tracklog with a quick description of the flight e.g Lords to Bunster and you will be added to the leaderboard below.

Leader Board 2017/18 now open

League 1 – (previously scored more than 100 lge points)





1 Neil Furmidge 10.4 B-M,17.6 B-CU,30 M-CU,21.5 CK-BU,15 M-CU,18 B-BM,12.4 B-S, 18 B-BM, 8.8 B-CU 151.7
2 Chris Ashman 12 E-S,30 M-CU,12 E-S,18 B-BM,64 L-BU,B-E 141
3  Ash Ghinn 12 E-S,15 M-CU,B-E,17.2 M-E,9 B-BM,9 B-BM 67.2
4  Scot Thornhill  9.1 B-BM  9
5 Steve Hudson 5.2-B 5.2

League 2





1 Chris Dervin 1.5 CT-ST, 4.2 R-BB  3 Ct-St , 9 L-E, 1.5 Ct-St, 2.1 R-Bb,Ct-St, 18 B-BM, 1.5 CT-ST, 2.1 R-BB, 17.6 B-Cu 64.5
2 Steve Spingys  15.4 L-Cu, 3.8 L-BB,1.5 CT-ST, 2.1 R-BB 22.8
3 Owen Thompson 17.6 B-Cu 17.6
4 Wayne Glossop Ct-St, 2.3 M-DH,1.5 St-Ct,1.5 Ct-St, St-Ct 11.3
5 Richard Fry Ct-St 3
6 Ross Mason St-Ct 3
7 Mick Bostock 1.5 Ct-st 1.5

2016/17 Winners

 Position  Pilot  Score Prize
 1  Chris Jackson 26×2 L-W ,16×2 T-H = 84  Skydrop
 2  Ash Ghinn 6.2×2 B-S ,8.8 B-BM =21.2  Nova Concertina Bag
 3  Owen Thompson 8.9×2 B-CU =17.8  Fairhaven Alti vario
 4  Scot Thornhill  1.4×2 L-D,  6.1 B-S, 2.1 M-BB = 11
 5  Alan Ford  6.2 L-B = 6.2  Skybean
6 Steve Hudson  2.51 M-D  Macpara Flight Deck
7 Chris Dervin 0.9 ST-CT = 0.9
B: Bradwell        CK:Cocking tor
BB: Broadlee Bank
BM:Blacka Moor BU:Bunster
C: Chelmorton
CT: Catts Tor
CU: Curbar
D: Dalehead      E:Eyam
H: High Edge
L: Lord Seat You
M: Mam Tor
S: Stanage
ST: Shining Tor
T: Treak Cliff
W: Wetton

can download relevant files showing the flying sites: .wpt file   .cup file   .kml file

Thanks to all the sponsors for being very generous and supplying us with some great prizes for the 2016/17 season.

British Club Challenge

Images from recent BCC roundsFollowing a few years off the DSC has submitted a team for theThe DSC enters a team to the BCC each year, if any club pilots or pilots are intersted in being part of the team contact the DSC competations officer or Chris Jackson ASAP.

The Advance BCC is open to all flying members of the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA); designed as a friendly, BHPA coaching club level competition, the focus is more on fun, safety and mentored team flying than out-and-out racing. The winners in 2015 were the Southern Club with Thames Valley as runners up.

So if you want to improve your skills flying with and being coached by some excellent pilots don’t be shy and get in touch!

XC League Club standing’s

Keep an eye on the DSC’s ranking in the XC League’s Club Flights by clicking here.

Site Records

Below is the up to date listing of site records compiled by Gordon Bishop who has kindly taken the time to collate them.

Open Distance
  Airways Airpark Chris Dawes 123.2 29-May-05 Link
  Bradwell Edge Richard Carter 253.4 09-Aug-11 Link
  Bunster Gordon Bishop 163.0 20-Apr-13 Link
  Cat’s Tor
  Cocking Tor Neil Furmidge 163.4 10-Jun-15 Link
  Curbar Judy Leden 103.4 19-Jul-04
  Ecton Mark Smith 82.4 01-May-15 Link
  Edge Top Milton Turner 68.9 31-Jul-15 Link
  Eyam Edge Andy Wallis 151.4 15-Jun-11 Link
  High Edge Chris Dawes 45 1996
  High Wheeldon Andy Wallis 132.1 31-Aug-10 Link
  Lord’s Seat Chris Dawes 165.1 1995
  Mam Tor Gordon Bishop 114.1 07-Sep-14 Link
  Roaches Phil Colbert 158.4 04-Aug-14 Link
  Rushup Edge Mike Johnson 42.2 26-Apr-03
  Shining Tor Andy Wallis 116.2 01-May-13 Link
  Stanage Ash Ghinn 118.5 15-Jun-11 Link
  Treak Cliff Gordon Bishop 92.9 27-Apr-11 Link
FAI Triangles
  Bradwell Edge Mike Cavanagh
Phil Colbert
Dean Crosby
Phil Wallbank
Mark Wilson
Barney Woodhead
64.8 14-May-15 Link
  Broadlee Bank Mike Cavanagh
Phil Colbert
Phil Wallbank
Barney Woodhead
64.5 21-May-14 Link
  Eyam Edge Helen Gant 28.3 02-May-14 Link
  Lord’s Seat Andy Wallis 28.6 25-Apr-11 Link
  Mam Tor Phil Wallbank 68.8 12-Aug-15 Link
  Rushup Edge Gordon Bishop 40.7 19-Apr-16 Link
  Stanage Neil Furmidge 27.9 09-Apr-15 Link
  Treak Cliff Alan Ford 35.3 28-Jul-14 Link
O/R & Flat Triangles
  Bradwell Edge Neil Furmidge 23.6 07-Sep-14 Link
  Mam Tor Helen Gant 39.9 16-Apr-15 Link
  Rushup Edge Neil Furmidge 21.2 04-Jun-15 Link

Previous award winners


2016 Neil Furmidge 139.4km            2015 Neil Furmidge 163.4km

2014 Phil Colbert 158.4km                2013 Helen Gant 207.7km

2012 Phil Colbert 171.7km                2011 Richard Carter 256.2km

2010 John Stevenson 138.5km         2009 John Stevenson 160.5km

2008 Pat Dower 103.4km                  2007 Andy Wallis 141km

2006 Mike Johnson 81km                  2005 Chris Dawes 123.2km

2004 Nigel Prior 186.8km                  2003 Judy Leden 94km

2002 Nigel Page 106.5km 2001        2000 Dave Martin 57.2km

1999 Tom Brown 48.3km                   1998 Hugh Miller 140.0km

1997 Chris Dawes 118.0km               1996 Chris Dawes 97.2km

1995 Chris Dawes 165.1km               1994 Richard Carter 163.9km

1993 Peter Nelson 54.0km                 1992 Richard Carter 66.8km

Inter County PG Competition Winners

2016 DSC                        2015 DSC

2014 CUMBRIA               2013 DSC

2012 DSC

Derbyshire XC League Winners

2016 Helen Gant  603.2pts            2015 Phil Wallbank  665.9pts

2014 Andy Wallis  739.6pts            2013 Helen Gant  803.2pts

2012 Phil Colbert  605.2pts            2011 Phil Colbert  769.2pts

2010 Andy Wallis  529.2pts            2009 Andy Wallis  625.3pts

2008 Andy Wallis  392.0pts            2007 John Stevenson 345.2pts

2006 Mike Johnson 203.1pts         2005 Jean-luc Boudin 256.5pts

Best Newcomer

2012 Chris Sangwin
2013 Lee Cooper
2014 Theo Warden
2015 John Ashman
2016 Chris Dervin

Most Improved Pilot

2016 Ken Sinclair               2015 Scot Thornhill

2014 Dave Allen                 2013 Mark Smith

2012 Rob Haywood           2011 David Broxholme

2010 Alan Ford                  2009 Mick Guppy

2008 G Cummins              2007 Mark Trigg

2006 Simon Gant              2005 Mike Miller

2004 B Sampson              2003 Nigel Prior

2002 F Dalzell                  2000 L Sampson

1999 Ruth Churchill         1998 J Davies

1997 R Christie                1996 D Martin

1995 C Dawes                 1994 M Cook

1993 A Chaplin                1992 D Woods

1991 J Curtis                   1990 M Higgins