Maintenance Complete.

Hi All, We updated the website; this update had a focus on security. We applied critical patches to the forum software as well as enabling https on the site. Please let me know if you see any problems and we’ll fix them as quickly as we can. Thanks! ~Drew

Website Maintenance.

Hi All, The website will be down for several hours on Thursday evening for maintenance work. Please get in touch if you suspect this might cause you any issues. Cheers, Drew

Lambing and Bird Closures 2018

Here is the notice for the closures needed this year. It was designed to be simple and clear and so lacks any detail or explanation which I will post shortly. Click for a larger image. Den.  

Your Club Needs You – PG Comps Officer

Providing safe, inclusive, fun competitions for the membership to partake in is an important role taken up by the committee and more specifically the Competitions Officers. Not only do competitions provide a way for members to improve their own flying but they also provide a great opportunity to take part in what is essentially...

Update To Corridor Alert System

Hi Folks A long overdue update to the Subscriber list for the corridor notificaion system has been made, appologies this was so slow. Users recently added were: Chris Dervin Steve Spingys Richard Fry David Andrews Jonathon Harvey Peter Southern Joseph Goodger Ed Binch Peter Brindle Alex Flemington Jacob Butterworth If you have any problems...

BHPA Safety Notice – Jojowings Instinct Paraglider

SAFETY NOTICE Issued by Angus Pinkerton – Chairman of the Flying & Safety Committee 9th May 2017. All paramotor and paraglider pilots, Instructors, Coaches and Safety Officers must READ, DIGEST AND TAKE ACTION on the contents of this Notice and keep it for future reference. If you hold a copy of the BHPA Technical...

Any ‘Old’ harnesses?

If anyones got any ‘old’ Paragliding harness’ gathering dust, then ‘Sheffield Climbing For All’ would really appreciate any donations as the old harness make for brilliant disabled climbing harnesses. “Sheffield Climbing For All” is a newly registered charity that will help disabled people access climbing activities and height-related challenges. We will be spending most...

Easy Access Site Guide

It became apparent that people found the simple sign up process required to view the site guide too challenging. As such the Committee recently voted to provide completely open access to the Site Guide. See the new “Sites” top level menu item or just click through to see the Pilot Information or Site Guide pages.