More Closures!

Last week some of our Pilots were flying Dale Head, perfectly legitimately and within our guidelines, but when they landed at the Dale Head landing near Barber Booth they were approached by a National Trust ranger and told that the field would now be closed until June because of nesting Lapwings.

I have been in contact with rangers and the local Manager since to confirm that this is the case and today I got final word that it is. Nesting birds are a high priority for the National Trust and they will not contemplate us landing near enough to disturb them. New pairs are displaying and nesting at the moment so the “situation is fluid”.

I have pointed out the problems this causes us and we are currently negotiating and seeking alternatives.

With the wind in the West for the next week the loss of this field may not be an issue and even with easterlies Dale head can be flown as it was for many years as a training site with no bottom landing. Top and slope landing options are plentiful but top to bottoms will be out.

Watch this space because we are hoping to come to some other arrangement but do not use the landing field in the meantime.

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