Competitions Update

Hi All,

A short update/look ahead at what’s happing in the club from the competitions standpoint. First off, The Morris Minor XC Challenge is running through until the end of February, so still plenty of time to get some small xc’s in and get some or more points on the table.

Before the year is out lets start to look at what the club has to offer for 2017, we want to promite more friendly competition! Get people together, have a laugh, learn from eachother and make the club and even more social place.

Some new ideas for competition have been floated recently:

  • Hang Glider Vs Paraglider Competition, any takers? To be held over two (flyable) weekends, third in the event of a tie, simple scoring making for a fun inter-discipline event, if there is an interest from both parties i’m sure we can arrange some prizes and definatly some Beer!
  • Accuracy, we have all seen it Skywings and all love a spot landing, lets get an old reserve out for a summers evening and have some fun and a few giggles trying to hit the spot.

If you are intrested in either of the above or have any other ideas as to how we might engage the the membership in some competition banter, from the newest CP to the most seasoned XC hound please comment below or give me a shout and we will make it happen!



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  1. Drew - Dec 02, 2016

    Great ideas there Scot, I think a spot landing comp would be great! XC is not something everyone can do so it would be good fun to get involved with something like that as a low airtime pilot.

  2. Moses - Dec 02, 2016

    sounds good Scot , spot landing sounds fun

  3. ChrisD - Dec 02, 2016

    Might need something bigger than an old reserve but will see if I can get in the field.

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